Applications regarding seven Armenian POWs submitted to European Court of Human Rights

The Center for International Comparative Law, in cooperation with the Armenian Center for Justice and Human Rights in Washington, D.C. has submitted applications regarding seven Armenian prisoners of war to the European Court of Human Rights, the Armenian Revolutionary Federation informs.

“Azerbaijan’s continued policy of not recognizing Armenian prisoners of war as such is an example of a perverted attitude towards human life. It is time for the international community to stop encouraging dictator Aliyev and demand that Azerbaijan fulfill the 1949 Geneva Convention, ” said Ken Khachigian, head of the Armenian Center for Justice and Human Rights and a longtime fighter for Armenian Genocide recognition.

The applications to the ECHR is the first step to force Azerbaijan to recognize the Armenian prisoners of war as such. This will allow international humanitarian organizations, especially the International Committee of the Red Cross, to access detainees.

As a result of cooperation between two human rights organizations based in Yerevan and Washington, about a hundred cases of Armenian prisoners of war have been submitted to the European Court of Human Rights. Recently, thanks to the same cooperation, it was possible to gather information about about 90 Armenian captives held by Azerbaijan.

The human rights centers will continue to pursue the release of about a hundred Armenian prisoners and the protection of their right to life.

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