Sergei Parajanov’s ‘Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors’ named best film in the history of Ukraine’s cinema

Sergei Parajanov’s Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors has been recognized the best film in the history of Ukrainian cinema, reports.

The Flights in Dreams and in Reality by Roman Balayan was 7th on the list.  

The survey was conducted between June and October, 2020. Ninety-seven respondents were offered to name the best Ukrainian films without restrictions on types, genres, timing and year of release.

In total, 186 films were mentioned. The top 100 included 68 feature films, 26 documentaries, 6 animation films.

According to the source, the Union of Armenians of Ukraine is actively working towards the popularization of national historical values. Chairman of the Union of Armenians of Ukraine Vilen Shatvoryan says science and culture are traditionally in the center of attention.

“Every historical and cultural object is important for us, we are proud of the rich cultural and historical heritage of the Armenians of Ukraine, and we do our best to preserve and popularize this legacy,” he says.

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