Azerbaijan has raised a whole generation on fake news and Armenophobia, MP Naira Zohrabyn tells PACE

Azerbaijan has raised a whole generation on propaganda of hatred and enmity towards Armenians, Armenian MP Naira Zohrabyan said at the summer session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE).

“When the leader of that country, Azerbaijan, talks about the reasons for their victory in the last Artsakh war and mentions that they won because they were able to educate a generation that grew up with hatred and enmity towards Armenians, he is right, and the Azerbaijani media had an undeniable contribution to that. They preached and continue to preach anti-Armenianism, violence, hatred and falsification,” Zohtabyan said.

“When an Azerbaijani politician sates Armenians must be killed in Karabakh, and it is being spread by the Azerbaijani media, when a 13-year-old Azerbaijani girl announces that she wants to become a sniper in order to kill an Armenian, and this becomes a top news, we get the terrible picture which we had during the recent bloody war and in its aftermath – atrocities, lie, fake news and media manipulations,” she noted.

“The trial of Armenian soldiers, who are presented by Azerbaijan as terrorists and saboteurs, is underway in Azerbaijan these days, and the entire Azerbaijani media is full of fake news and misinformation about these immoral trials,” she added.

“If we fail to protect our societies from fake news, which feeds racism, intolerance and lies, especially in totalitarian countries, we will have Azerbaijan as a result, where the media field is flooded with videos of torture and humiliation of Armenian prisoners of war, and public opinion welcoming all this,” the MP added.

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