Robert Kocharyan undecided on whether he will go to Parliament

Armenia’s second President, leader of Armenia Alliance Robert Kocharyan says the results of the June 20 snap elections were unexpected, first of all because all public opinion polls were showing a different picture.

“We must find an explanation. We suppose there have been mass violations. We have seen an obvious use of the administrative resource. That’s why we are going to apply to the Constitutional Court to challenge the election results,” Kocharyan said.

Robert Kocharyan did not describe the results a defeat, because, he said, the forces that have managed to cross the threshold needed to enter the Parliament are all winners.

The second President is yet to decide weather he will take up his parliamentary mandate.

“I am a man of executive power. It’s hard for me to imagine myself in the legislature. Part of my team thinks that I should be in the parliament, use that tribune for political struggle. The other part thinks it is not necessary. I do not have the decide, but I have not made a final decision yet. You have to make a decision cold-heartedly, without emotions. I find it difficult to imagine myself in the parliament,” said Robert Kocharyan.

He said their struggle will become much stronger, the parliamentary levers will give an opportunity to be more active in a number of directions.

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