Civil Contract Party holds rally in Republic Square

The Civil Contract Party held a rally in the Republic Square to mark the end of the election campaign.

Addressing the supporters, leader of the Party, acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said in the next five years they are planning to ensure Armenia’s railway communication with the Russian Federation and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

He reiterated that in this regard the government has not discussed, does not discuss and will not discuss any issue within the “corridor logic.”

“In other words, in the context of the opening of communications, we completely rule out the change of the status of any sovereign territory of Armenia,” Pashinyan said.

He called the statements by Azerbaijan and Turkey on getting a corridor through Armenia “nothing but absurd.”

Nikol Pashinyan said Armenia is ready to move forward consistently to implement the provisions of the January 11th statement on unblocking of regional transport communications adopted by the leaders of Armenia, Russia and Azerbaijan.

“And this will be a strategic achievement not only for Armenia, but also for the whole region, opening wide doors for peace, stability and long-term development,” he noted.

“Today, this perspective is hindered by the aggressive statements made by Azerbaijan, its destructive position, in particular, the fact that Azerbaijan continues to lay claims on the territorial integrity of the Republic of Armenia and does not fulfill its international obligations, in particular, the return of captives,” Pashinyan stated.

“However, the return of our 15 captives, which took place a few days ago, gives us hope that we will have a significant change in the regional climate in the near future. There is no doubt that all our captured brothers will return home very soon,” he said.

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