Mayor of Paris to visit in Yerevan in October

On a visit to France, Armenia’s acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan met with Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo.

“Mr. Prime Minister, we are always by Armenia’s side, we will continue to be in close contact. In this difficult situation for Armenia, we have come up with a clear position. Believe me, we will not leave Armenia and the Armenian people alone,” the Mayor said, as she welcomed Nikol Pashinyan at the City Hall.

Nikol Pashinyan noted that he fondly remembers their first meeting, noting that the agreements reached at the time have been implemented. The Acting Prime Minister especially emphasized the opening of the Tumo Center in Paris. “Mrs. Mayor, we will be waiting for you in Yerevan in October, during which we will discuss our future plans. I would like to thank you for coming up with the initiative to name a square in Armenia after Paris. It’s a very powerful initiative that warms us up. I hope that the cooperation between our capitals will deepen, particularly in the fields of education, infrastructure and tourism,” said Nikol Pashinyan, expressing confidence that Armenia, with the support of its friends, will overcome the situation, and people will regain optimism.

Anne Hidalgo attached importance to her upcoming visit to Yerevan and expressed confidence that new initiatives will be discussed and implemented with the Mayor of Yerevan.

Speaking about the post-war situation in Armenia, the mayor of Paris noted that France will continue to be vigilant towards Armenia. “It is not only the destiny of Armenia, our destiny is interconnected with that of Armenia. “We will continue the consistent steps to criminalize the denial of the Armenian Genocide,” said Anne Hidalgo.

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