Macron urges withdrawal of Azerbaijani troops from Armenia

French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday demanded the withdrawal of Azerbaijani troops from Armenian territory, AFP reports.

A series of incidents have erupted in recent weeks between the two countries, and tension remains high six months after the signing of a ceasefire after a short deadly war (6,000 dead) for the independence enclave of Nagorno Karabakh .

“Azerbaijani troops must leave the sovereign territory of Armenia,” Macron said as he received Armenia’s acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan at the Elysée Palace. He said the troops must return to the positions they occupied before May 11″

 “The delimitation of the border between the two countries must be done exclusively within the framework of a negotiation,” he emphasized, adding that France was “ready to facilitate discussions.”

“While the ceasefire is generally respected in Nagorno Karabakh, much remains to be done,” declared Mr. Macron, insisting on the release of all prisoners and lifting of restrictions on humanitarian access. He also called for the protection of the Christian or Muslim heritage of the region.

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