Some Azerbaijani troops still in Armenia – Defense Minister

After the provocations carried out by the Azerbaijani armed forces, the Armenian-Azerbaijani border tension has not changed significantly since yesterday, the Armenian Ministry of Defense reports.

After the talks held on May 16, several groups of representatives of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces that had entered the territory of the Republic of Armenia returned to their starting positions. Nevertheless, a part of the military is still in the territory of the Republic of Armenia, the Ministry said.

Today the Armenian Minister of Defense discussions the peaceful settlement of the issue with the Russian Minister of Defense, the CSTO Secretary General, the director of the Russian Federal Security Service. besides, the Ministry of Defense hosted the military attachés accredited in the Republic of Armenia.

The Ministry of Defense reiterates that any encroachment on the sovereign territories of the Republic of Armenia is absolutely unacceptable, and stresses that in order the Azerbaijani military must leave our territory without any preconditions to avoid unpredictable consequences.

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