Second batch of AstraZeneca vaccine imported to Armenia

The second batch of AstraZeneca vaccine was imported to Armenia – 50 thousand doses.

“To support the supply of vaccines in Armenia, UNICEF has used its experience as the largest vaccine buyer in the world to deliver COVID-19 vaccine doses on behalf of the COVAX initiative,” said Yuri Oksamitniy, UNICEF Representative in Armenia.

Besides, he said, UNICEF works with the Ministry of Health to ensure the country is prepared to receive vaccines by training health professionals to build confidence in vaccines.

“As one of the governing bodies of the COVAX initiative, one of the WHO priorities is to ensure the quality, safety and efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines. As part of a joint project with the European Union, we are ready to assist the country in reviewing, developing and adapting vaccination strategies for primary care professionals. With our technical assistance, regional centers will be established within the framework of the training for medical staff, with the aim of initiating training seminars for the involved medical staff in support of the National Immunization Program in Armenia,” said WHO Representative Yegor Zaytsev.

Team Europe is ready to ensure that anyone in Armenia who needs a vaccine gets it anywhere in the country. As part of the COVAX initiative, Team Europe again supports the Government of Armenia in implementing vaccinations in close partnership with the WHO and UNICEF. “Vaccines work, vaccines save lives,” said Andrea Wiktorin, EU Ambassador to Armenia.

“As long as the world continues to fight the COVID-19 epidemic, the supply of large numbers of vaccines inspires hope of saving lives and returning to a more normal life. Safe and equal access to vaccines, along with other protective measures, will help people stay healthy, open the economies, and stop the epidemic. Through the COVAX Facility program, thanks to international solidarity, vaccines are already reaching all countries in need. We are glad that Armenia is one of the countries that has already received the second batch of vaccines. The Ministry of Health provides free vaccines to all people living in the country, ensuring its availability,” said Shombi Sharp, UN Resident Coordinator in Armenia.

AstraZeneca vaccinations are available to everyone in Armenia aged 18 and older on a voluntary basis.

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