Our position is clear: Azerbaijani forces must leave the territory of Armenia – Nikol Pashinyan

Some groups of Azerbaijani servicemen have left the Republic of Armenia, but the general military-political situation remains unsolved, Armenia’s acting prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said at the meeting of the Security Council late on Sunday.

The Security Council discussed the situation created after servicemen of the Azerbaijani armed forces crossed the shared border with Armenia.

“Since May 12, some groups of servicemen have left the territory of the Republic of Armenia. Such a process took place yesterday evening, there is a sign it could continue today, but in general, I consider the military-political situation unchanged after May 12, i.e. no significant changes have taken place from the military-political point of view. Some groups have withdrawn, but it has not changed the situation. What does this mean? This means that we must continue to operate the mechanisms of the Collective Security Treaty Organization; we must continue to work to launch the Armenian-Russian allied mechanisms. Our position is clear: Azerbaijani servicemen must leave the territory of the Republic of Armenia,” Nikol Pashinyan said.

The next issue he emphasized is the process of border adjustment. “The processes of opening the communication routes and adjusting the borders are as necessary for Azerbaijan as for the Republic of Armenia. And in terms of adjusting the borders, there is a subtlety. In recent days, Azerbaijani propaganda has been trying to promote the idea that the border adjustment process should take place in a bilateral format. This cannot happen for the simple reason that Armenia and Azerbaijan, in fact, have no relations with each other. And just like the process of opening communications, the adjustment of borders should take place in a tripartite format, and agreements on this have been reached several times, and the violation or disruption of those agreements is, in my opinion, the reason for the actions of the Azerbaijani armed forces and the military-political leadership of Azerbaijan.”

Speaking about the further actions, the acting PM said: “The talks continued yesterday until late in the evening, the talks will continue on Wednesday. The negotiations focus on one topic: servicemen of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces must leave the territory of the Republic of Armenia. Unless this happens, we assess the issue, the situation as a crisis, which poses a threat to the sovereignty, stability, territorial integrity of the Republic of Armenia, a situation enshrined in the Charter of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, and regulations of the Collective Security Treaty response to crisis situations. As long as the legitimate issue raised by us remains unsolved, all these mechanisms, as well as the Armenian-Russian allied mechanisms, which are designed for such cases, must be launched.”

“We must act and be able to solve our problem through political means. And if we fail to achieve such a result, the military-political mechanisms must be used in the same logic. I mean the Collective Security Treaty, the Armenian-Russian agreements provide for certain functions, and those agreements are intended for these very cases, and we have exercised our legitimate right and have launched those actions,” Nikol Pashinyan stated.

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