Cyclone Tauktae makes landfall in Covid-battered India

A cyclone, classified as “extremely severe,” has made landfall in India’s western state of Gujarat with wind speeds of up to 160km/h, тхе ББц репортс.

Cyclone Tauktae had roared up India’s western coast, with at least 12 people killed and thousands evacuated.

The navy said 38 people have so far been rescued out of 400 who are stranded off the coast in two barges.

The cyclone comes amid a second Covid-19 wave that has overwhelmed India’s healthcare system.

Late on Monday local time, India’s meteorological department announced that the “extremely severe cyclonic storm” had begun to make landfall in Gujarat. The process is expected to take several hours.

Winds were gusting up to 185km/h, the weather bureau added, and storm surges up to 4m (13ft) high were possible in some coastal districts.

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