Victories can be forged with the invincible power of national unity – His Holiness Krekin II

Our victories and achievements can be forged with the invincible power of national unity, His Holiness Karekin II, Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians, said in a message on the occasion of the Victory Day, the Liberation of Shushi and the anniversary of formation of the Artsakh Defense Army: The message reads:

Dear Armenians,

On this sacred day of May 9, we appreciate the vigorous efforts of our people which contributed to the victory against fascism and violence in the World War II, and the establishment of peace in the world. On this symbolic day of the Liberation of Shushi in the Artsakh War and the foundation of the Defense Army of Artsakh, however, we also reflect on the tragic consequences of the war unleashed by Azerbaijan last year.

Azerbaijan continues to persecute the civilian population, our captive military and civilians are being tortured inhumanely, and the centuries-old Armenian spiritual and cultural heritage in Artsakh is being continuously destroyed. Dear people, facing the new challenges today, it is imperative for us to strengthen the Armenian Army, which is the guarantor of our safe Homeland and our peaceful life.

May 9, as a Day of Victory and Peace, will always be a source of inspiration for us, a proof that our victories and achievements can be forged with the invincible power of national unity. We owe it to our martyrs and the new generation to prosper our Homeland at the cost of every sacrifice, to restore the disrupted course of our lives, to contribute to the overcoming the problems of the Armenians of Artsakh, and to actively fight for the implementation of our national aspirations and goals.

We pray for the peace of the souls of the martyred Armenians, for the return of the captives and the missing, for the healing of the wounded. We pray that the Almighty Lord, keep our Homeland in peace and security under His Blessings, and strengthen our people with courage, hope and faith, now and forever. Amen.


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