Our duty to martyrs is to build a strong, lawful, proud and happy country, Armenia’s acting PM says

It is our duty to our martyrs to build a strong, just, lawful, proud and happy country, Armenia’s acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said in a speech at one of the military units in Gegharkunik Province.

“We have no right to allow the blood of our martyrs to have been shed in vain. Our Motherland, its construction, its development, its pride should be our greatest respect to our martyrs. And the Armenian heroic army stands on the front line of that pride.” Nikol Pashinyan said

Acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan accompanied by Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces Artak Davtyan visited N military unit of Gegharkunik region.

The Acting Prime Minister presented various state awards to a number of servicemen from the military units of the Second Army Corps on the occasion of May 9.

“Today  we celebrate the triple holiday with bitterness, mixed feelings, sorrow, we have the bitterness of defeat in our hearts somewhere, but God bears witness that during this time we have spared absolutely nothing to protect the work and glory of the heroes and martyrs of Shushi liberation,” Pashinyan said.

“And today we must also stand firm in defending the dreams of our ancestors, generations and the homeland, because the Republic of Armenia is standing today, the Republic of Artsakh is standing, although wounded, the Armenian people are standing, although wounded,” he stated.

“The Armenian nation continues and will continue its millennial march. The strongest guarantor of that millennial march must be the Armenian statehood, the Armenian army. Yes, we must analyze and understand what we have done wrong, but God knows that we, the Armenian army, fought in this war until the last moment the battle had perspective,” the acting PM said.

“But it’s also important that we have not lost our ssoberness in that battle. It’s important that we have been able to make difficult decisions, including ones for the sake of our army, our generals, our officers, our soldiers, their families and their children,” Nikol Pashinyan said.

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