Armenia set to extend ban on import of Turkish goods

The issue of opening the border with Turkey is not on the government’s agenda, acting Minister of Economy Vahan Kerobyan told journalists after the government sitting.

He informed that the ban on the import of Turkish goods will be extended. “Apparently, we will also ban the sale, no matter when the goods were imported, because people find secret ways to import Turkish goods,” the Minister said.

“Here the approach should be quite symmetrical, when a decision is made at the political level to restore symmetrical relations, then we will try to make sure that our economy is as well protected as possible from the flood of Turkish goods,” Vahan Kerobyan stressed.

By its decision of October 20, 2020, the Government of the Republic of Armenia imposed a ban on the import of consumer goods of Turkish origin. The ban is valid from December 31, 2020 for a period of six months.

In 1993 Turkey unilaterally closed the air and land borders with Armenia. Under pressure from the international community, the air border reopened in 1995. The land border remains closed.

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