I visited Armenian hospital, and was ashamed to come from Europe: French MEP calls for action to ensure release of POWs

French MEP François-Xavier Bellamy has called on the European Parliament to take action to ensure the release of Armenian prisoners of war.

“I visited an Armenian hospital which treats the soldiers wounded in the last war. And I was ashamed to come from Europe,” he said at a plenary session of the Parliament, noting that Armenians, a brotherly people for Europe, were abandoned to a unilateral aggression and were forced to face alone the drones of Erdogan, his jihadist mercenaries, his cluster munitions.

“I have been to Yerablur, where thousands of young people lie, who died only because Erdogan decided that violence was better than diplomacy to advance his interests. This is an absolute crime in itself, committed by a head of state who refuses to denounce the genocide of the Armenians – which should be enough here to alert us. But it is also a terrible precedent: without saying a word, we allow NATO’s Second Army to violate international law with impunity,” the MEP said.

However, he added, the European civilization has so much to say to the world, so much good to do.

“And Europe also has, if it wanted to use it, so many levers to act. The first sign would be to demand, finally to demand that all Armenian prisoners of war still detained in Baku be released without delay, that this war crime be brought to an end. If Europe wanted it, Europe could,” François-Xavier Bellamy stated.

The lawmaker paid a visit to Armenia over the weekend to participate in the events commemorating the 106th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

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