Turkey says rejects Joe Biden’s April 24th remarks

Rejecting US President Joe Biden’s remarks on Armenian claims about the events of 1915, Turkey’s Foreign Ministry on Saturday said that the statement lacks any scholarly or legal basis and is not supported by the evidence.

“We reject and denounce in the strongest terms the statement of the President of the US regarding the events of 1915,” the Ministry, stated, noting that it was made “under the pressure of radical Armenian circles and anti-Turkey groups”

The ministry added that none of the conditions required for the use of the term “genocide” – strictly defined in international law – are met by the “events of 1915.”

The ministry said the statement by Biden, who is neither legally nor morally authorized to judge historical events, has no value.

President Joseph Biden officially recognized the Armenian Genocide, today, rejecting the longest-lasting foreign gag-rule in American history and dealing a major setback to Turkey’s century-long obstruction of justice for this crime.

“The American people honor all those Armenians who perished in the genocide that began 106 years ago today,” Biden said in a statement on the 106th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

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