Alexis Ohanian says Biden’s recognition of Armenian Genocide could be the best birthday gift ever

Reddit and Initialized Capital co-founder Alexis Ohanian says recognition of the Armenian Genocide by US President Joe Biden would be the best birthday present.

The Armenian American entrepreneur celebrates the birthday on April 24.

“Because of political reasons the US has never had the spine to acknowledge the Armenian genocide, and it sounds like President Joe Biden is going to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide for the first time ever this weekend,” Ohanian said in a video message.

“It’s literally the least that we as Americans can do, but it is important, because it is a part of our identity of descendants of genocide survivors, especially for the American Diaspora,” he said.

“It’s part of our identity that these horrific things happened, but the perpetrators have been able to get away with denying it for a hundred years, and the people you would expect to hold them accountable, like the most powerful nation in the world, have been too scared or though it not important enough to acknowledge this historical fact,” Alexis added.

He said recognition by Joe Biden would be an important step. “It does not really do anything to Armenia today, but it is still important.”

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