Macron pens letter to Sarkissian on 106 anniversary of Armenian Genocide

On the 106th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, all my thoughts are with Armenia, which has suffered the hardships of history, French President Emmanuel Macron said in a letter to Armenian President Armen Sarkissian on the 106th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

“In my mind I am with the Armenian people, the refugees who survived the genocide, who were once hosted by France, whose descendants created our country. We will never forget,” Mr. Macron said.

“I would like to be with you on this day full of emotions and dignity. I have asked Mr. Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, Secretary of State for Tourism and Francophonie under the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Europe, to represent me during the Genocide commemoration ceremonies in Yerevan,” the President said.

He reminded that in 2019, April 24 was officially proclaimed as Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day in France and was included in the national calendar.

“More than any other day, this April 24, the two peoples are united around the same memory,” Macron said.

“It’s our duty to prevent forgetfulness, denial, lies by accepting the truth, paying homage to the dead, respecting the memory of the living. Having been by your side throughout history, we are committed to standing by you in the future as your country passed through a deadly conflict, where too much blood was shed. We must create a new page based on peace, prosperity and reconciliation,” he added.

“On this day of sadness, but also of hope, when together we remember the horrible sufferings of the martyred people, France and Armenia are united by friendship and brotherhood,” he said.

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