Lithuanian translation of Grigor Narekatsi’s Book of Lamentations published

On the initiative of the Armenian Embassy in Lithuania, the second expanded edition of the Lithuanian translation of Grigor Narekatsi’s (Gregory of Narek) poem “Book of Lamentations” has been published. The publication is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Armenia-Lithuania diplomatic relations.

The poem has been translated by renowned Lithuanian poet and playwright Sigitas Geda.

The book contains twelve miniatures of separate parts of the poem taken from the medieval manuscripts provided by the Mesrop Mashtots Research Institute of Ancient Manuscripts and the Treasury-Museum of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin.

Attached to the publication there is an 12-hour audio book. The chapters of the poem are read by three famous Lithuanian actors Vladas Bagdonas, Vytautas Rumshas, ​​Aldona Bronislava Dausienne, to the accompaniment of medieval Armenian music.

During the presentation of the book at the Armenian Embassy on April 15, Ambassador Tigran Mkrtchyan presented the life and work of Grigor Narekatsi, the uniqueness and universal value of the poem “Book of Lamentations.” He noted that in 2015, Pope Francis awarded Grigor Narekatsi the title of Doctor of the Ecumenical Church, which has been awarded to only 36 great saints and theologians during the 1700-year history of the Catholic Church.

Ambassador Mkrtchyan mentioned that in 2018 the bronze statue of Gregory Narekatsi was solemnly unveiled in the Vatican Gardens, and added that by the decree of Pope Francis, February 27 will henceforth be commemorated as St. Grigor Narekatsi Day. The Ambassador concluded that Grigor Narekatsi could become another “very strong bridge” between the Armenian and the Lithuanian peoples who cherish their historical and religious heritage.

The Ambassador mentioned that the messages of the “Book of Lamentations” are universal and eternally relevant. He expressed hope that the Lithuanian reader would enjoy this book.

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