History is not the strong side of Azerbaijan: Armenia responds to Aliyev’s claims

The Armenophobic stance and behavior of the Azerbaijani leadership do not provide a ground to expect constructiveness from the Azerbaijani authorities in seeking solutions to the situation created as a result of the aggression unleashed against Artsakh, Spokesperson for the Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Anna Naghdalyan says.

Accorind to her, a vivid proof of that is the statement made by the President of Azerbaijan at the opening of a “park” dedicated to the Artsakh war in Baku on April 12, as well as the very fact of opening of the exposition depicting scenes of mutilation and showing disrespect for Armenian soldiers.

“All this, as well as the manipulation of the issue of prisoners of war by Azerbaijan, proves how far the Azerbaijani leadership stands from its own declarative statements on the post-war situation, regional peace and reconciliation,” Naghdalyan said in an interview with Armenpress.

The comments come after the President of Azerbaijan declared at a conference on “New look at the South Caucasus. Development and Cooperation in post-war period” that Armenia was offered to sign a peace treaty, but there was no response from the Armenian side yet.

“The President of Azerbaijan continues making contradictory statements: on the one hand, they feed  their own audience with  the thesis that the conflict is solved, on the other hand, they are talking about signing a peace treaty and unsolved issues in the Nagorno Karabakh conflict during an event organized for the international audience,” the Spokesperson said.

She stressed that the signing of a peace deal would require a peace process, whoch stopped after the use of force by Azerbaijan.

Reponding to Aliyev’s claims on Zangezur, Yerevan and Sevan, Naghdalyan said “it’s rediculous, when such territorial claims are being made by the leader of a country, whose name in the South Caucasus has a history of only a century, both politically and even geographically.”

“We understand that a process of formation of a new identity has been going on in Azerbaijan for the last hundred years, but we consider it necessary to emphasize again that history is not the strong side of Azerbaijan,” she stated.

According to her, such provocative statements undermine efforts to establish stability in the region, which is a threat to all states in the region.

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