Luxembourg MP inquires Parliament Speaker about steps taken to help release Armenian POWs

Member of Luxembourg’s Alternative Democratic Reform Party Fernand Kartheiser has addressed a parliamentary question to Parliament President Fernand Etgen regarding the Armenian POWs held in Azerbaijan, the Honorary Consulate of Armenia in Luxembourg informs. The question reads:

Videos about torture of Armenian prisoners of war have circulated on social media even before the ceasefire on the 9th November. After the ceasefire Armenia has handed over Azeri prisoners of war to Azerbaijan while the same was not true in the opposite direction.

It is speculated that Azerbaijan is keeping almost 200 persons in captivity including civilians. In this context I would like to ask the following questions to the Minister of Foreign Affairs;

1. Does the Government have the information about the number of military and civilian personal, still held captive by Azerbaijan 5 months after the ceasefire?

2. Does the Government have information about people, Armenian or otherwise, having been tortured in Azerbaijani captivity?

3. Which actions does the Government undertake concretely, so that:
• Azerbaijan publishes the full list of captured persons
• Azerbaijan respects its commitments resulting from ceasefire, especially in the humanitarian domain
• Azerbaijan respects international humanitarian law in general and does not abuse or torture persons under its control
• to support the International Red Cross in its endeavors to support the population
• to help international organizations and diplomatic representatives gain access to Azerbaijan controlled territories, where persons are held captive since the armed conflict
• to raise awareness of the members of the Minsk group about the afore mentioned problems
• to raise the afore mentioned humanitarian concerns in international organizations like the Un, OSCE, EU and the Council of Europe and to demand these organizations commit themselves to the liberation of the prisoners of war
• to advocate targeted sanctions against Azerbaijan in case of continued obstruction”.

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