Armenians rally in front of Azerbaijani Embassy in Berlin, demand release of POWs

Armenians and German human rights advocates held a silent protest in front of the Azerbaijani Embassy in Berlin on Tuesday to demand the release of Armenian prisoners of war and other detainees, Vernatun Deutschland German Armenian grassroots movement informs

The government of Azerbaijan is requested to release the Armenian prisoners of war and kidnapped civilians who are being held in violation of the Geneva Conventions and the trilateral statement signed on November 9 between Armenia, Russia and Azerbaijan.

The protests will take place weekly until all Armenian prisoners of war have been released.

The consequences of war, including those of war crimes such as the use of mercenaries, the kidnapping of civilians, the beheading and murder of prisoners of war, the use of outlawed ammunition, the murder of civilians, the use of phosphorus bombs to burn forests, and the bombing of civil structures are still evident today.

“Compliance with the ceasefire agreement on the release of prisoners of war is an essential step in securing peace in the region. Otherwise it is to be feared that the prisoners’ lives will be misused as a bargaining chip and put at risk in order to occupy further territories, sometimes even within the recognized territories of Armenia, which could lead to further instability,” organizers say.

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