U.S. Embassy’s 2021 American Film Showcase opens in Yerevan

The U.S. Embassy brings back the fifth iteration of the American Film Showcase. This year the film festival will be comprised of free film screenings, three public lectures and two workshops.

Free Film Screenings

Eleven documentary films will be screened during the 2021 American Film Showcase. The showcase opens at 19:00 on March 28 at the Moscow Cinema with a screening of the festival’s feature film “In Search of Greatness,” which tells the story of how prominent athletes from around the world unlocked the secrets of genius. Their stories will inspire audiences to use their natural abilities and develop key skills to rise to greatness.

“We chose to open the showcase with this film because its lessons are universal.  They cross cultures and show that despite our differences, we share many commonalities.  This concept is at the root of the U.S.-Armenia relationship.” U.S. Ambassador to Armenia Lynne Tracy, said.

Ambassador Tracy continued, “We have much in common on which to continue to build our partnerships – our mutual respect for a free press and strong civil society to hold our leaders accountable; our commitment to the development of vibrant science, technology, engineering, and mathematics sectors; and our appreciation of a good, old-fashioned jazz concert!”

The American Film Showcase’s free film screenings will continue at the Moscow Theater daily from March 29 to April 3, at 18:00 and 20:00 each day. The films include: “The Dawn Wall,” “In Search of Greatness,” “The Jazz Ambassadors,” “King in the Wilderness,” “Make It Work,” “Mike Wallace Is Here,” “Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool,” “The Most Unknown,” “Netizens,” “Quincy,” and “RBG.”

Public Lectures and Workshops

The 2021 American Film Showcase is more than free film screenings.

On March 27, seven-time Emmy Award-winning producer, director, editor and composer Brian Malone will host a public lecture on “Finding Your Story”. Producer Jenna Ricker will speak about “Pitching for Funding” on March 29. The third talk will be hosted by producer, editor, and writer Lara Stolman on March 31 on “Documentary Self-Distribution”. All public lectures are free and will be at 20:00 via Zoom.

From March 28 to March 30, film director Denali Tiller will run a workshop on “Documentary Ethics and Creative Responsibility.” Casey Regan, a film cinematographer, will lead a workshop on “Technical and Interpersonal Skills for Documentary Film Cinematography” from March 31 to April 3. About 20 of Armenia’s top young filmmakers were selected, through an application process, to participate in these workshops.

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