Historical and cultural heritage of Artsakh an inseparable part of world culture – Armenian FM

The historical and cultural heritage of Artsakh is an inseparable part of world culture, Armenian Foreign Minister Ara Aivazian said at the Q&A session at the National Assembly.

“The Minister said its destruction, desecration or falsification must be strictly prevented,” he noted.

“It is known that ethnic cleansing of Armenians has been carried out on territories of Artsakh, which came under the occupation of Azerbaijan. And today the destruction of the cultural heritage has been launched in an effort to erase or falsify the millennial cultural heritage of Artsakh,” Minister Aivazian stated.

He stressed that “now more than ever we need to intensify our international cooperation, our involvement with the international community.”

“In this sense, culture plays a very important role as a factor of “soft power,” the Minister said. He added that by the recent creation of the Commission on Cultural Diplomacy “we are applying to make culture a powerful tool in our diplomatic arsenal.”

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