Montserrat Caballé’s album “The island of Christianity: Armenia and Artsakh” presented in Madrid

Madrid today hosted the presentation of an unpublished album by Montserrat Caballé titled “The island of Christianity: Armenia and Artsakh,” a work that the artist recorded in 2013 during her visit to Armenia and Artsaj (Nagorno Karabakh).

The event highlighted the art of the great soprano and the Christian heritage that she valued and admired so much during her visit to Armenia and Artsakh.

The presentation of this record was organized by the Starmus Festival, since its director, the astrophysicist Garik Israelian, is also the executive producer of the record.

Ambassador Vladimir Karmirshalyan, Director of the Starmus Festival and producer of the work, Dr. Garik Israelian, as well as the singer’s daughter, soprano Montserrat Martí, delivered speeches.

“My mother was a very believer, with a deep faith, and this is for me not only an artistic treasure, but also on a personal level,” said Montserrat Martí. The event was attended by the great friend of the Armenian people, Miguel Ángel Nieto, who spoke on the theme of the album.

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