Biden administration will officially acknowledge Armenian genocide, political analyst Ian Bremmer says

Political scientist and global political risk analyst Ian Bremmer says the White House sources have confirmed the Biden Administration will recognize the Armenian Genocide.

“Erdogan is about to face another diplomatic challenge, which is from the United States. As I’ve heard from the White House, that President Biden is going to recognize the 1915 killing of Armenians under the Ottomans’ rule as a genocide,” he said in an analysis published by GZERO Media.

“Now, this perhaps shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. First of all, it happened a long time ago and the French already did some 20 years ago, the Canadians recognized it too, and Biden promised during his campaign that he would make the move if elected. Vice President Kamala Harris, by the way, from California, where there’s a large constituency in favor of that, she was actually co-sponsor of the Senate resolution for recognition back in 2019. And with Tony Blinken now as secretary of state, human rights is clearly much higher on Biden’s foreign policy agenda than it was under Obama, or obviously than it was under Trump,” he said.

The analyst added that this comes on the back of President Obama, who also said when he was running for office, that he would pledge to recognize the Armenian genocide and then he didn’t do it.

“And indeed, the former advisors to Obama, like the old UN ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, the former deputy of national security advisor, who is Ben Rhodes, had both publicly said, they apologized for it, they said it was a mistake, that they were offering too much to Erdogan, they didn’t want to offend or upset him. First of all, Biden aware of all of this when he makes his own pledge, and Samantha Powers, going to be working in the Biden administration, she’s already been nominated to run USAID, but Biden clearly does not care as much about alienating the Turkish government. In fact, he hasn’t even scheduled a call yet with Erdogan. We’re a couple months in right now, despite repeated requests,” Bremmer said.

“I’ve also heard from a second White House official ask specifically about an impending announcement on April 24th, which is coming up soon, and is the genocide remembrance day, said that, “Biden is a man of his word.” So, it’s seeming pretty clear at this point. He would be the first American president to do so, that’s a big deal. Erdogan will clearly be incensed in response to that. But at this point, he’s got a pretty limited domestic constituency in the United States,” Bremmer stated.

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