Armenia to hold large-scale military exercises

Joint tactical and tactical-professional military exercises will be held in all operational directions of the RA Armed Forces from March 16 to 20, the Ministry of Defense informs.

The drills will involve different types of troops and special units.

The exercises aim at:

– checking the combat readiness of the troops, management capacities of the operative units and the ability to act quickly in a specific situation,

– checking the cooperation between staff and supporting forces and means,

– conducting fire management trainings for subdivisions by simulating operative-tactical episodes, involving both combat and non-combat shooting.

About 7,500 servicemen, about 200 rocket and artillery systems, more than 150 anti-tank means, about 100 armored vehicles, more than 90 anti-aircraft means will be involved in the exercises. Aviation will also be involved to support the tactical operations of the troops.

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