Armenian Ombudsman presents Azerbaijani war crimes to UN Human Rights Council

During the 46th session of the UN Human Rights Council, on March 8, 2021, the video message of the Republic of Armenia (RA) Human Rights Defender was published and broadcast in a special format.

Only national human rights institutions with an international “A” status have such an opportunity.

Prior to the video message, a more extensive written report of the Human Rights Defender was submitted to the Council.

Both the video message and the written report refer to the atrocities during the 2020 September-November war, setting forth the torture and ill-treatment of Armenian servicemen and civilians by Azerbaijani armed forces.

In addition, references are made to Azerbaijani servicemen’s use of the same language in videos depicting such tortures and ill-treatment as used In official speeches.

Ethnically motivated crimes against Armenians are encouraged by the Azerbaijani authorities and this fact has been confirmed by ECHR judgments.

The video message and written report specifically emphasize the Azerbaijani authorities’ artificial delay of the release and return of prisoners, despite the unequivocal requirements of international humanitarian law, which causes mental anguish to the families of the illegally held prisoners, and inflicts deep emotional pain to Armenian society.

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