Situation with Iskander misreported to Prime Minister – Spokesperson

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s statement on the use of Iskander missile systems by Armenia was touched upon during his recent conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister’s Spokesperson Mane Gevorgyan told Armenpress.

“Having analyzed the available facts and data, the Prime Minister of Armenia has come to the conclusion that he was not properly informed about this situation. Moreover, the Prime Minister’s statement has nothing to do with the content and quality of the Armenian-Russian allied relations in the field of military and military-industrial cooperation,” the Spokesperson said.

“There is no doubt that Russian weapons are among the best in the world. The Republic of Armenia maintains close cooperation with the Russian Federation in the field of military industry and high technologies and intends to take steps to deepen it,” Gevorgyan stated.

Speaking to 1in.am’s Nver Mnatsakanyan last week, the Prime Minister said the Iskander missile did not explode or exploded, for example, by 10%.

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