Armenia’s Armed Forces remain steadfast, prudent and determined despite political processes

The leadership of the Armed Forces has issued a statement, reaffirming its assessment of the situation, emphasizing that, regardless of the attempts to involve the Armed Forces in the political process, it remains steadfast, prudent and determined.  Chief Information Officer at the Ministry of Defense Samvel Asatryan informs.

“The Armed Forces, composed of the sons of our people and aware of the threats to national security, consider inadmissible and urge to stop the baseless accusations against the Armed Forces and certain officials,” the statement reads.

“The current situation proves that the Armed Forces are guided exclusively by state interests, they serves only the people, being guided by the norms of the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia,” the statement concluded.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces called for Prime Minister’s resignation. PM Nikol Pashinyan asked the President to sign a decree to dismiss the Chief of the General Staff.

The President, in turn, rejected the motion and sent the draft decree back to the Prime Minister’s Office with objections.

Pm Nikol Pashinyan insists that the Chief of the General Staff must be fired. He has re-ent the raft decree to the President.

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