Armenian President, Ombudsman discuss return of POWs, situation in border villages

President Armen Sarkissian and Human Rights Defender Arman Tatoyan have discussed .

The Ombudsman briefed the President on the work done by the Human Rights Defender’s staff in recent months. In particular, he presented the problems registered during the regular visits of the Ombudsman’s staff to the border regions of the Republic, noting that the Azerbaijani authorities continuously and consistently carry out planned actions violating the internationally recognized rights of the residents of the border settlements of Armenia.

The Human Rights Defender also presented his observations on the process related to the state borders of the Republic of Armenia, stating that the Human Rights Defender has already applied to the relevant international instances regarding the process accompanied by gross human rights violations.

The President and the Human Rights Defender paid special attention to the work carried out for the return of Armenian prisoners of war and civilians held on the Azerbaijani side.

Arman Tatoyan provided the President with detailed information on the work done by the staff of the Human Rights Defender, noting that they cooperate with all the involved structures, as well as with international organizations.

It was agreed that the staffs of the President of the Republic and the Human Rights Defender will work together to return the captives as well as to raise the concerns and problems of the Armenian side in the international arena.

In this context, the President attached importance to the work carried out by the Human Rights Defender’s Office, professional observations and fact-finding activities.

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