Armenia and France established diplomatic relations 29 years ago today

Armenia and France established diplomatic relations 29 years ago today. French Ambassador to Armenia Jonathan Lacôte and Armenia’s Ambassador to France took to social media to mark the occasion.

Jonathan Lacôte called it “an anniversary that we remember every year for a relationship on which we work – many French and Armenians – every day.”

The friendship between France and Armenia is rooted in history and symbolized and maintained notably by the presence in France of a sizable community of Armenian origin.

Over the years of Armenian independence, bilateral relations have most notably included the recognition of the Armenian Genocide by France in 2001 and France’s role as a co-mediator in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

Since 4 November 1995, France and Armenia have been linked by an intergovernmental agreement on cultural, scientific and technical cooperation.

The flagship of the two countries’ bilateral cooperation is the French University in Armenia (UFAR), which takes in over 1,000 students each year for courses in law, business and management that lead to a French and Armenian dual degree, in partnership with Lyon III University.

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