Azerbaijan trying to turn the issue of captives into subject of bargaining – Armenian PM

Azerbaijan is trying to turn the issue of prisoners into subject of bargaining, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said in his interview with 1in.am news agency.

“It is not appropriate due to a simple fact that the November 9 statement clearly states an obligation regarding prisoners, hostages and other detainees,” he said.

The Prime Minister emphasizes that this is a trilateral statement, and the obligations formulated by it are shared by all the signatories.

“We are working intensively to give a solution to this issue as soon as possible,” said the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister said everything must be done so that the processes do not enter a deadlock,  and they “will work on the agenda as long as there is a real opportunity to solve the problem.”

“There is a real opportunity for us to have concrete results,” Pashinyan said, adding that the issue of terms is different, as every second is important.

So far, 69 prisoners have returned to the homeland, but we must continue to work until all the prisoners are returned, the Prime Minister stated..

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