Artsakh will be reborn again, President says on 33rd anniversary of Liberation Movement

February 20, 1988 entered the annals of the Armenian people as a symbol of the revival of the national spirit, strong unity and unbreakable will, as the beginning of a whole period of struggle, reconstruction and creation, loss and victory, President Arayik Harutyunyan said on Artsakh Revival Day.

“33 years have passed since that day. Today, the Armenians of Artsakh are living through one of the most difficult periods in their history. They live, keeping alive the spirit and ideas of 1988, even more confident and determined that the path they have chosen is right and irreversible, that, more than ever, today they must live and develop his native land, which is double sanctified by the blood of its modern-day heroes,” the President said.

“And for the sake of our martyrs, our dreams and generations, Artsakh will be reborn again, will rise from the ruins and will continue its eternal course. We must continue the value-based struggle of the Artsakh movement, must be stronger, more developed, strong and united, resolutely defending our rights and freedoms, national interests and values, honor and dignity,” Harutyunyan added.

“This is the way for the Armenian people to survive. And let peace and success accompany our people and homeland on that path,” the President concluded.

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