Lucky carrot: Armenian startup vying for product of the day on ProductHunt

The Armenian startup Lucky Carrot is leading the way in the voting for Product of the Day on ProductHunt, a platform for users to find new and exciting products and for founders to launch their creations and capture the early feedback. Voting is still open.

Lucky Carrot is an All-in-One Employee Engagement Platform:⠀

◾ enables the employees to recognize each other,
◾ brings visibility to employees’ achievements,
◾ makes the employees’ voice heard through surveys,
◾ gives insights to enhance employee engagement.

Each month employees get fixed amount of carrots by the company. Later they send their carrots to one another mentioning a reason and choosing a company core value.

The collected carrots can be redeemed into fun activities, branded gift cards and donations.

Lucky Carrot is also a tool for companies to get full insights into employee engagement and interactions.

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