Polish politician Tomasz Lech Buczek pens letter to Putin, sends brochure on Azerbaijani war crimes

Polish politician and lawyer Tomasz Lech Buczek has sent a letter and his recent publication on Azerbaijani war crimes against Armenians to Russian President Vladimir Putin. He has also asked to take steps to ensure the release of Armenian prisoners of war.

The letter reads:

Honorable President of the Russian Federation,

I wondered for a long time whether to write this letters to the Honorable President. Because it will probably be the first letter of a Polish citizen to the Your Excellency President in public history.

I am asking the President of the Russian Federation, as the only competent person, for help in the release of Armenian prisoners of war held in Azerbaijan.

The devastated families, mothers, wives and children are waiting for the prisoners.

Thanks to the Honorable President, a ceasefire was concluded. And Russian peacekeepers were sent to Artsakh. Peacekeepers keep peace and the people of Artsakh receive humanitarian aid.

The new Artsakh has been set aside. Ensuring Artsakh’s security and its independence should be the task of the Defender of Christianity in the East of Mother Russia, Azerbaijan should no longer claim these lands.

For the Armenian people now, in particular, it is now important to release prisoners of war, so I am asking for work to help release them.

In particular, I am asking for the release of a boy who in that word turned 19, his name is Eric Khachaturyan, he is a young Armenian patriot who was captured and humiliated in videos released by Azerbaijani soldiers.

He became a symbol of Armenian prisoners of war held in Azerbaijan. His photo is on the last page of my publication on Azerbaijan War Crimes against Armenians – Karabakh 2020, which I am attaching to this important letter.

Buczek earlier sent the copies of the publication to Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev and US President Joe Biden.

He received thousands of threats from Azerbaijan after announcing plans to publish a brochure on war crimes against Armenians.

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