Polish politician offered $50,000 to refuse from publishing a brochure on Azerbaijan’s war crimes against Armenians

Polish politician Tomasz Lech Buczek says he was offered $50,000 for canceling the publication of a brochure on Azerbaijani war crimes against Armenians. 

Buczek shared a screenshot of a message he received from an Azerbaijani user reading “The Azerbaijani government will give you $50,000, if you don’t publish the publication about Azerbaijani crimes. If interested, please post a photo of Baku on January 25th on Facebook.”

“President Aliyev probably heard about my publication?” My response to Baku is: ‘Release the Armenian prisoners of war’,” Buczek captioned the screenshot.  

Buczek earlier announced a fundraiser to publish the brochure that would be the world’s first printed publication on Azerbaijan’s war crimes against the Armenian population in Artsakh.

The publication specifically details the tortures and inhuman treatment of Armenian war prisoners held in Azerbaijan. 

Tomasz Lech Buczek, author of “The Cry of the Armenian Mother, Genocide in Sumgait, 1988” has also initiated the establishment of a civilian committee for recognizing the independence of Artsakh.

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