Chiefs of Armenian, Azerbaijani security services meet again to discuss the exchange of POWs

The National Security Service (NSS) of Armenia denies rumors claiming the chiefs of the National Security Services of Armenia and Azerbaijan will meet in Tavush region tomorrow.

The NSS says a meeting in that format was held days ago in the neutral zone in the vicinity of Yeraskh community in Ararat province.

The chiefs of the security services of the two countries held another meeting today on the territory of Vorotan and Shurnush communities in Syunik province to discuss issues related to the exchange of prisoners and search for the missing.

The NSS notes that Mediaport and a number of other information platforms have been spreading false news and obvious misinformation in recent days claiming that territorial and border issues are on the agenda of the meetings, thus deliberately misleading the public.

“Based on the overriding interest of the nation and the state, the director of the National Security Service of the Republic of Armenia exclusively exercises the powers vested in him by law, has never engaged an will not engage in any function outside the scope of those powers,” the NSS said in a statement.

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