Four dead after Trump supporters storm Congress

Washington DC police say four people have died during the storming of the Capitol building.

In addition to the woman shot by police, three others died as a result of “medical emergencies.”

So far, more than 52 people have been arrested – 47 of them for curfew violations.

The attack was the first time the US Capitol was broken into since the War of 1812, according to US Capitol Historical Society experts.

British troops, led by Vice Admiral Sir Alexander Cockburn and Major General Robert Ross – set fire to the still-under-construction Capitol after invading DC in August 1814 (though the building survived thanks to a downpour).

In retaliation for the Americans’ burning of Upper Canada’s capital at York a year earlier, the British troops also set fire to other parts of the city, including the White House.

Canada did not exist at the time – it was made up of British colonies.

“The US Capitol is more than a building – it is the embodiment of American democracy and our way of life,” the historical society said in a statement following the mob siege.

“We are a nation of laws, and the peaceful transfer of power is among the most fundamental hallmarks of our Constitutional republic.”

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