Yerevan among 21 places Ryanair offers to see in 2021

With the world coming to a stop this year, most travel plans were unfortunately put on hold. But with vaccines coming, Ryanair says it’s time to start daydreaming (and planning) the next adventure.

The airline has picked its top destinations for 2021 to make the planning easier.

“Located on the border of Eastern Europe and Asia, Armenia is a growing tourist hot spot that has something for everyone with its historic sites, exciting culture, extreme sports and delicious Armenian cuisine. Its capital Yerevan is nicknamed ‘The Pink City’ because of the colorful volcanic stones on which it was built centuries ago. If you’re looking to broaden your travel horizons after a quiet 2020 this could be just the unique trip that’s needed in 2021,” Ryanair says.

Among others, the list includes Santander and Valencia (Spain), the resort town of Palanga on Lithuania’s Baltic coast, Italian Verona, home of Shakespeare’s famous tragedy Romeo and Juliet, Georgia’s capital Tbilisi, French cities of Marseille, Toulouse and Nantes.

Ryanair launched flights to Armenia’s capital Yerevan in January 2020, but the flights were shortly suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak.

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