Armenian PM says will stay in office

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has refuted the rumors about his resignation.

“I have clearly stated that I can give up the status given to me by the people only on the basis of reliable results of the will of the people. Until the expression of such will, I will continue to perform my functions as Prime Minister and I have pledged to do hat straightforward and honestly,” the Prime Minister said in an address today.

He emphasized that the number one task today is to stabilize the security environment around Armenia, and pledged to consistently follow the path.

Referring to the domestic situation, PM Pashinyan pointed to “obvious” attempts to exclude the people, citizens of the Republic of Armenia in general from the processes and solve problems behind closed doors. in closed rooms, in high-class environments.

“Of course, this is unacceptable, and the people of the Republic of Armenia have been and will continue to be the owners of power and the situation in the Republic of Armenia. And I want to say that I also consider myself the guarantor of that reality, and the people must be sure that their will is of decisive and irreversible importance in the Republic of Armenia. And there must be an opportunity to express the will of the people, and all attempts to circumvent the will of the people cannot succeed,” the Prime Minister stated.

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