Provocative statements of Azerbaijani, Turkish leaders condemnable, Spokesperson for Armenian PM says

Armenia strongly condemns the provocative statements made by the Azerbaijani leader in Baku, Mane Gevorgyan, Spokesperson for the Prime Minister, said in comments to Armenpress.

“Speaking about territorial ambitions against Armenia seriously questions Azerbaijan’s readiness for establishing peace and deliberately puts regional peace and security under risk,” she said.

The comments come after Aliyev said Yerevan, Sevan and Zangezur are historic Azerbaijani lands.

“The claims of the Azerbaijani president that Azerbaijan solved Karabakh issue by military force once again shows who was the initiator of the war and use of force and who tries to lead the region to further destabilization and challenges,” the Spokesperson said.

According to her, the statements make the international recognition of the right of the people of Artsakh to self-determination an imperative for preventing new genocidal aspirations of Azerbaijan against the Armenian population of Artsakh.  

“Those statements contradict the spirit of the November 9 trilateral statement. Speaking with the Armenian people with threats is condemnable and cannot bring lasting stability in South Caucasus,” Gevorgyan said.

She added that “the glorification of the ideologies of the Young Turks, the architectures of the Armenian Genocide by the Turkish president” is also strongly condemnable.

“Such acts put Turkey’s announcements, including about their readiness to contribute to the establishment of regional peace and stability, under question,” Mane Gevorgyan said.

Speaking in Baku, Turkish president Recep tayyip Erdogan said ‘’today is the he day of enlightenment of the souls of Enver Pasha, Nuri Pasha and soldiers of the Caucasus Islamic Army’’.

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