Nagorno-Karabakh: The boy who swapped his piano for a gun

The BBC presents a report about 22-year-old Soghomon: an Armenian soldier, who went missing during the Second Artsakh War.

According to the report, Soghomon, who plays the piano and saxophone, replaced his musical instrument with a weapon during the fight.

“The conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan is over, but some families are still waiting for news of their missing relatives. Bodies are still being counted and identified, and there is no clear information on what has happened to the missing.

Twenty-two-year-old Soghomon was fighting on the Armenian frontline against Azerbaijan. The last time his family heard from him was 1 October. He was a soldier, but also an artist and a talented piano player.

His father and sister say they can’t give up hope that he will return,” the BBC says.

The BBC adds that many families are waiting for their missing sons. The process of identifying the bodies of the victims is still going on.

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