Armenia, Azerbaijan carrying out border demarcation near Karvachar

Armenia and Azerbaijan are carrying out demarcation of the border after the Karvachar region of Artsakh was handed over to Azerbaijan under the trilateral agreement signed between the Armenian Prime Minister, the Presidents of Azerbaijan and Russia, the Ministry of Defense reports.

As agreed, Armenian forces withdrew from the region on November 25. As a result, instead of the former border of Armenia with Artsakh, a border was formed between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Before the full and accurate demarcation of the mentioned section between Armenia and Azerbaijan, gates were temporarily installed in order to stop the traffic to and from Karvachar.

The demarcation works started today with the participation of the representatives of the Armed Forces of Armenia, Russia and Azerbaijan, and the use of special means (GPS). Part of the demarcation work is being carried out in the area of the Sotk mine, which was part of the Karvachar region of the Artsakh Republic.

“Accurate and complete demarcation is very important in order to exclude disputes related to the ownership of this or that part of the border, or possible further provocations,” the Ministry says.

The Armed Forces of Armenia and Azerbaijan will deploy their military bases and carry out combat duty within the specified borders as a result of the demarcation.

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