Armenia opens criminal case against Qarabag FK official

Armenia has opened criminal proceedings against Qarabag FK communications officer Nurlan Ibrahimov.

On October 31 Ibrahimov made a post on social media, justifying the genocide against Armenians on the basis of ethnicity, inciting hatred and violence.

 “We [Azerbaijanis] must kill all Armenians – children, women and the elderly. We need to kill them without making a distinction. No regrets. No compassion. It is pointless to speak to them in the language of the law. Armenians began to understand when we began to speak the language of power. We have to kill,” he posted on social media.

 According to Article 1 of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide adopted on December 9, 1949 and ratified by the Republic of Armenia on June 23, 1993, genocide, whether committed in peace or in war, is a crime under international law. Under the Convention, direct incitement to genocide is also punishable.

According to Part 3 of Article 15 of Armenia’s Criminal Code, foreign citizens who have committed a crime outside the territory of the Republic of Armenia are subject to criminal liability under the Criminal Code if they have committed crimes envisaged by an international treaty.

Taking into account the above-mentioned, a criminal case has been initiated, according to Article 226, Part 2, Clause 1 of the RA Criminal Code ( Inciting national, racial or religious hatred publicly or through  mass media) and Article 397.1 (denying, mitigating, endorsing or justifying genocide and other crimes against peace and security of humanity).

The criminal case will be sent to the General Investigation Department of Armenia’s Investigation Committee for preliminary investigation.

On Wednesday UEFA provisionally banned Qarabag FK communications officer Nurlan Ibrahimov.

UEFA said: “Nurlan Ibrahimov, is provisionally banned from exercising any football-related activity with immediate effect until the UEFA Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body decides on the merits of the case.”

Last week the Armenian Football Federation (FFA) complained about a post on social media by “Nurlan Ibrahimov, a PR and media manager of Qarabag FK, calling to kill all the Armenians, old and young, without distinction.”

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