Armenian PM warned Europe could find Turks at the gates of Vienna – MEP Marco Dreosto reminds

The Armenian Premier warned Europe a few days ago that Turks could reach the gates of Vienna, Member of the European Parliament Marco Dreosto said in a Twitter post.

“The Armenian Premier warned Europe a few days ago: “If you don’t face Erdogan, you will find the Turks at the gates of Vienna.” Not even at the gates, what happened today was carried out in the center of Vienna. No tolerance. Europe wake up!” he tweeted.

Speaking to German BILD last month, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said: “If the international community fails to consider the situation accurately, Europe will have to see Turkey in to Vienna.”

In another interview with a foreign media outlets PM Pashinyan said “If Europe does not address Erdogan, it should expect Turkey near Vienna.”

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