Senator Housakos calls on the Government of Canada to recognize Artsakh and ban all arms exports to Turkey

Senator Leo Housakos calls on the Government of Canada to recognize Artsakh and ban all arms exports to Turkey.

“The violation of all three ceasefires by Azerbaijan makes it clear that the country is not willing to find a peaceful resolution to this conflict. Azerbaijan’s targeting of civilians and regions far away from the line of contact and the shelling of major cities and towns constitute war crimes,” Senator Housakos said on the Senate floor today, as he introduced the motion calling for recognition of Artsakh.

“Exasperating the situation is the involvement of the Republic of Turkey, as they provide military support and foreign jihadist mercenaries to fight alongside the Azerbaijani army. This is a cruel breach of international law unworthy of a NATO ally, and must be condemned in the strongest possible terms. Turkey’s actions should not come any surprise to anyone. who has been paying attention to President Erdogan and his authoritarian regime,” the Senator stated.

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