Rep. Adam Schiff formally calls for U.S. recognition of the Republic of Artsakh

Rep. Adam Schiff has formally called for U.S. recognition of the Republic of Artsakh.

“The United States will not stand idly by as Azerbaijan and Turkey wage war on Artsakh, killing hundreds of soldiers and civilians, and displacing tens of thousands,” Rep. Schiff said.

For more than a month, Azerbaijan and Turkey have been waging war on Artsakh, bombarding civilians, churches, and committing possible war crimes, he noted.

“More than 800 soldiers have been killed repelling Azerbaijan’s attacks, and dozens of civilians are dead. Estimates are that more than half of the civilian population of Artsakh has been displaced, sleeping in cars or open fields away from falling bombs, as winter approaches,” the Congressman said.

“We cannot allow history to repeat itself. If Azerbaijan and Turkey have determined to wage war, the United States, the Minsk Group, and the International Community should make clear that they will not succeed in their aims,” Rep. Schiff said.

“Aliyev and Erdogan must be made to understand that if they continue with this war, there will be consequences. The United States will not stand idly by. I stand with Armenia. I stand with Artsakh,” he added.

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