We have only one way to force the enemy to ceasefire – to impose a ceasefire, Artsakh’s President says

The large-scale war against the Republic of Artsakh and the Armenian people by Azerbaijan, Turkey and international terrorists on September 27 continues. The Defense Army continues to resist heroically, and retaliate strongly against the enemy, inflicting huge losses in manpower and equipment, Artsakh’s President Arayik Harutyunyan said in an address o compatriots in Armenia and Diaspora.

“Our compatriots from Mother Armenia and the Diaspora show their best during the battles. I would specially like to underline the importance of participation of our comrades-in-arms, who have made a great contribution to the defense of the homeland, have rich military experience, as well as our heroic young conscripts,” the President said.

He emphasized the efforts of the Russian Federation and the international community towards ceasing the hostilities and highly appreciated that mission.

“As you know a trilateral meeting took place in Moscow at the initiative of the Russian President, a statement was adopted at least on humanitarian ceasefire, with a view of resuming the negotiations in the future,” the President said.

He added, however that what’s happening in reality is that the rival, making use of the opportunity, starting from the day after the statement, has launched more fierce military actions almost along the entire length of the front line, especially in the southern direction.

According to Harutyunyan, the adversary has managed to infiltrate into some areas, to gain advantages in some places, to move the front to deeper areas day by day.

“We understand that we have only one way to force the enemy to ceasefire: to impose a ceasefire. We are ready to start implementing our commitments regarding the humanitarian mission without preconditions, to continue the negotiations towards a peaceful solution, although it is already impossible in a peaceful way, but it is not too late.” the President said.

He emphasized once again that the rival has chosen a different way. It has chosen not to solve the Karabakh problem, but first to exterminate the Artsakh Armenians, and in case of success, Armenia, as well.

“We see that handwriting, especially the stakeholders. We had even more difficult times in 1992-1994, when hostilities were taking place on the outskirts of Gandzasar, Askeran, Martuni, Hadrut, etc. We managed to win because we believed in victory. Today we continue to believe, we believe that we will win, we need to unite, we must unite, and most importantly, participate in the military actions,” he stated.

“I expect the active participation of my brothers, Karabakh people living in the Diaspora, our brothers living in Armenia. Today is a crucial moment of keeping or losing the Motherland, of living with dignity and refusing from the right to live without dignity.  We must continue to live with honor. That is why I call not only for material, which is very important, and I’m thankful to all, but also physical participation. We need it. Thank you. We will win,” Arayik Harutyunyan concluded.

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