Azerbaijan resorts to provocations along Artsakh-Iran border

For the second day now units of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, lacking sufficient capabilities to conduct effective offensive operations, have started to resort to obvious provocations, official representative of the Armenian Defense Ministry Artsrun Hovhannisyan says in a Facebook post.

In particular, he says, in the southern direction of the Artsakh-Azerbaijani hostilities, the Azerbaijani units are gathering in large groups directly along the Artsakh-Iranian border (along the Araks River), in fact, taking refuge along that border, trying to move forward.

With this tactic, the Azerbaijani side is trying to provoke the Artsakh side to open fire or strike along the border, in the direction of Iran. It is not ruled out that as a result of hostilities, Azerbaijani units, having no alternative, will retreat or flee to Iranian territory.

“To avoid all this, we believe that the Iranian side, which certainly sees all this, should prevent or force such mobilization of forces,” Hovhannisyan says.

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